Samer Fahmy

I am a leader at BlackBerry building mobile applications and experiences used everyday by millions of people worldwide. I have been working in the mobile space for more than 10 years.

I am passionate about simple, beautiful design, and using mobile platforms to solve real world consumer problems.

I have a degree in Software Engineering from McMaster University. I then followed that with an MBA from Laurier University as I became intrigued with how software and business worked together. Having a business background has helped me gain an understanding in how to build software that adds value, how to assess trade-offs, analyse opportunities, and to lead and inspire teams.

At BlackBerry I have built a multitude of applications from the ground up including the popular BBM, Instant Messaging clients, and Music & Video applications. I then went on to lead the Music, Video and Pictures application development teams.

Most recently, I am leading the Productivity Applications Evolution team, fostering a culture of innovation at BlackBerry, and defining the company's next generation experiences.

Outside of work you can find me travelling, playing soccer, watching the World Cup, playing the guitar, or following MotoGP.

Raised in Egypt, I grew to love warm weather and multicultural environments.

Work Hard, Play Hard